Zebra ZC350 Card Printer Support

This page covers the most common technical-based questions and helpful troubleshooting tips relating to the Zebra ZC350 ID Card Printer.

Zebra ZC350 Printer Support FAQs

How do I load a ribbon?

To load a ribbon with the Zebra ZC350: 

  1. Open the top cover of the printer and remove the cleaning roller protective cover. 
  2. Insert the ribbon into place. It can only be inserted in one direction, so don’t accidentally force the ribbon to fit.
  3. Close the top cover. The ribbon is now loaded. 
Important note: All Zebra ribbons feature technology that tracks usage information and prevent uncertified ribbons to be used. Only ever use Zebra ribbons with your Zebra machine. 

How do I clear a card jam in the ZC350?

A card jam can occur if a card fails to reach a sensor as expected. This will be reported via a warning error message. To resolve a card jam on the ZC350: 

  1. Open the printer.
  2. Remove the ribbon cartridge.
  3. Rotate the manual advance wheel toward the front of the printer until the card exits the printer. 

How do I solve issues with the print quality?

When printed colours don’t match expected results, there are several things you can do to change them:

  1. If using the driver, make adjustments in Colour Optimisation.
  2. If using the driver, create and apply a Windows ICC colour profile. This should solve your issue. 

Spots of dust and dirt can appear on a card if the ZC350 isn’t cleaned properly. To resolve this: 

  1. Replace the cleaning rollers
  2. Carry out a full printer clean.

Smearing may occur if there’s a sudden shift from a dark colour to a light colour. To resolve this, lower the print head temperature. You can find out how to do this below. 

Ribbon wrinkle appears as a streak of color that was not part of the original image. It typically originates from the edges of the card, and sometimes occurs when printing a really dark image, or near the transition between really dark and really light images.

When the black text or images does not appear black or crisp, or text that is supposed to be black appears muddy or not sharp, this may be an issue where the black text or image was not printed using the black panel.

• Check the source image; RGB values up to 25,25,25 can be printed as black by using the sliders on the K Extraction page. If RGB values are greater than 25,25,25, then the image will need to be modified to bring the RGB values under this threshold. Adjust the properties in Front or Back K Extraction.

How do I clean the print head?

Besides using cleaning cards to eradicate dust and debris, card printers require their delicate print heads cleaning from time to time. To clean the print head: 

  1. Turn off the printer and open the top cover.
  2. Clean the print head by moving an alcohol-moistened swab tip from side-to-side across the print head elements. 
  3. Allow two to three minutes for the print head to dry, and then close the top cover and turn the printer back on.

How do I clean the ZC350?

The ‘Cleaning’ indicator will flash amber to remind you when a cleaning cycle is required. To carry one out: 

  1. Open up ‘Printing Preferences’ from within the control panel.
  2. Click the ‘Help and Support’ tab.
  3. In the ‘Cleaning’ section, you’ll see a blue ‘Clean Now’ button. Clicking this will initiate a series of on-screen instructions. 

How do I update the printer driver?

To install the driver: 

  1. Download the driver file and click ‘Run’ when prompted. 
  2. Choose to install it using either USB or Ethernet. Remember for USB connections, you’ll need to turn the printer off until you are asked to turn it on. 
  3. Choose a preferred install location.
  4. Choose ‘Zebra ZC350’ from the list of available devices when prompted.
  5. The driver update will be installed. 

How do I load cards?

How you load cards into the ZC350 depends on the type of card in question. It’s important to remember: 

  • Plain cards can be inserted in any direction
  • Mag-stripe cards must be inserted with the stripe facing down and to the right
  • Contact smart cards must be inserted with the chip facing up and forward
  • Contactless smart cards can be inserted in any direction. 

How do I print a test card?

To print a test card with the ZC350: 

  1. Go to the ‘Printers and Devices’ folder and right-click on the Zebra ZC350 Card Printer. 
  2. Select ‘Properties’ and click into the ‘Setup’ tab. 
  3. Click into the drop-down menu ‘Print Test Card’ to the right of the window. 
  4. You can now choose the type of test card you wish to print: Graphics or Configuration.
  5. A test card will now print.

How do I retrieve a rejected card?

If a printing error occurs, a rejected card will be sent to the output hopper. To retrieve this card: 

  1. From the output hopper, remove the card from the top of the output stack. 
  2. From the reject bin, open the top cover and remove the card. 

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