EasyBadge – Installs & Updates

Registering and setting up accounts

If you’re using EasyBadge for the very first time, you’ll need to register the software after purchase. To do this you’ll need the registration code that was supplied with your software.

  1. In the EasyBadge program, click into the main menu using the three-bar button in the top-left of the screen.  Registering EasyBadge 1
  2. Scroll down to ‘Registration’ and click into the section.
  3. A window with two boxes appear. You need to enter the name of your company and the registration code that is on your card. It’s important this is entered exactly as it appears.                                                                    Registering EasyBadge 3
  4. Click ‘OK’ and restart EasyBadge. It is now registered for use.

Before setting up different user accounts in EasyBadge, remember that there’s two types of user accounts that can be created: EasyBadge accounts and ‘Windows’ accounts. 

To set up an EasyBadge user account

  1. Click into the EasyBadge menu in the top left of the program window.                                                                                                                                        Setting up user accounts EasyBadge 1          
  2. Click into ‘Users’ and select ‘Manage Users’.                                                                                                                                 Setting up user accounts EasyBadge 2
  3. Once you’re into the user management window, you need to highlight ‘Supervisor’ and tick the ‘Password required’ option. A Supervisor account is necessary to create further user accounts.                                                                 Setting up user accounts EasyBadge 3
  4. Set a password when prompted.
  5. Next, disable ‘Authenticated Users’ and any windows domain accounts that appear in the list. The ‘Account Disabled’ is found at the bottom of the Access Rights list.                                                                                                              Setting up user accounts EasyBadge 5
  6. Now choose ‘Default User’ or ‘Add a new user’ as required. You need to: 
  • Tick/Untick the options you want to restrict/give access to
  • set the Account Type to ‘Standard’
  • set a password 

     7. Click the ‘X’ in the corner when you’re done. 

To set up a ‘Windows Authenticated’ user account

  1. Click into the EasyBadge menu in the top left of the window.                                                                                                            Setting up user accounts EasyBadge Windows 1
  2. Click into ‘Users’ and select ‘Manage Users’.                                                                                  Setting up user accounts EasyBadge Windows
  3. Once you’re into the window, highight ‘Supervisor’ and tick the ‘Password required’ option. A Supervisor account is required to create further user accounts. 
  4. Set a password when prompted.
  5. Next, highlight ‘Authenticated Users’ and set ‘Account Type’ to ‘Principal’ if it is not already set.                                                                                                            Setting up user accounts EasyBadge Windows 3
  6. Now highlight the Windows user account and set which access rights are required. 
  7. Change the account type to ‘Explicit Windows User’.
  8. When the user logs on, they’ll now only be able to access features that have been set in the user management panel.

If you need to log on as a supervisor, hold the shift key when you open up the EasyBadge program to force a password attempt. 

The Bureau dashboard allows you to see who sends you data and from which databases.

The Bureau shows you who is sending you data across multiple databases. If you’re using more than a single database on your Bureau version of EasyBadge and want to set up the dashboard function, follow these instructions.

  1. Click into the main menu via the three-bar button.                                                                                                                        Using Bureau Dashboard 1
  2. Now click ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the menu and select ‘Bureau’ from the list. Now click ‘Wizard’.                    How-to-set-up-the-bureau-dashboard-2-300x185
  3. Click ‘Create’ and when prompted enter a new email and password of your own. It’s best if you set up a generic email rather than using a personal one in our opinion.                                                                                                              How-to-set-up-the-bureau-dashboard-4-288x300
  4. Click ‘Ok’ and pick the database format you want for your Bureau Dashboard database. Remember this database is a unique one because it holds information about multiple EasyBadge databases in one place.                                        How-to-set-up-the-bureau-dashboard-5-300x148
  5. Give the Bureau database a name and click ‘Save’ to save it in a folder or your network. It’s important to keep it backed up.                      How-to-set-up-the-bureau-dashboard-7-300x185
  6. Next click ‘Create’ on the Bureau Connection Wizard Page to create the database.                                        Using Bureau Dashboard 6
  7. The below message should appear, telling you the database has been created and is ready to use.                          Using Bureau Dashboard 7
  8. Once the bureau dashboard has been created, it’ll create a default ‘Logon’ window. The Username = Supervisor, Password = Supervisor.                                                                                                                            
  9. When prompted, click ‘Yes’ to the message in order to add some more databases to the dashboard.Using Bureau Dashboard 9
  10. Tick all the databases you want to use in the dashboard and click ‘OK’.To open the dashboard for the first time, move the cursor to the left to lead the side fly out or click the main menu button and select ‘Bureau’ > ‘Dashboard’. Enter the login details provided above. You can now use the Bureau dashboard.                                                                                                          Using Bureau Dashboard 10

Once it is set up, using the Bureau dashboard is easy. To access it, you need to:

  1. Open the dashboard and move your cursor to the left of the program window or click the menu button. Under the Bureau section, select ‘Dashboard’.
  2. Enter the username and password: They are both set as ‘Supervisor’.
  3. Once you’re in the dashboard, a fly-out menu will appear and the following options will be available.
  • Open Database = Open up and existing EasyBadge Database.
  • Recent Database = View/Open a recent database.
  • Manage Dashboards = Create Multiple Dashboards, add new Dashboard accounts and change main email account details.
  • Notes = Opens up an EasyBadge Notepad for making notes.
  • Tools = Read Smart card tool, Register Recent databases (to the Dashboard), Process Dashboard (ping cloud to check for updates.)
  • View Database = View list of all databases registered with the current Dashboard.
  • Recent CDL’s = View recently opened CDL (Card Design Layout) Files
  • Change Password = Changes the Supervisor Password to log in to the current Dashboard
  • Settings = The Main EasyBadge settings page
  • About = details about the current version of EasyBadge installed.

    4. Under the Manage Dashboards > Databases tab you’ll have the ability to create new dashboards for different groups of databases, add new databases and assign users and restrict accesses.                                                                                  Bureau 4  

5. Under the ‘Manage Dashboards > Users’ tab, you can now manage new users that need to use a selected Dashboard.                                    Bureau 5

6. To add a new user from the Manager Dashboard > User tab, click ‘Add > Select Account > Enter username. Now click ‘OK’.  Bureau 6

7. To manage Bureau Users, select Manage Dashboard > Users. From this page, you can add, delete, rename, manage access rights to new accounts and set the Dashboard passwords for these accounts.                                                                                                                                                          Bureau 7                               

8. To reset the overall bureau dashboard email password (which is linked to the cloud service that sends you email notifications) or alter email notification options by clicking ‘Manage Dashboard > Account’.                                                         

Updates and reinstalling

To keep your EasyBadge program up to date, it’s important to run the most recent version. You can run the update manually by following the steps below.

  1. Click the options button (three lines) at the top left of the program window.                Updating EasyBadge 1
  2. Click on the Settings button.                                                                                                                                  Updating EasyBadge 2
  3. If it isn’t up to date, the latest version will appear. Click the download button and your EasyBadge software will be updated. Updating EasyBadge 3

Sometimes you might need to reinstall programs: perhaps your computer has failed, or you’ve got a new PC. To reinstall EasyBadge and keep your existing database, it’s important you back up your files regularly. To reinstall the software:

  1. Collect your EasyBadge registration details by clicking the ‘main menu’ (3 lines top left of the program window) button top left.Reinstalling EasyBadge 1
  2. Click ‘Registration’ at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Write down or copy the company name and registration code exactly as they appear in the registration window.Reinstalling EasyBadge 3
  4. Ensure you’re able to browse the location of any database (.mdb) files that EasyBadge needs to use on the new computer. These database files can be seen from the ‘Main Menu’ (3 lines top left of program window) > Settings > Databases. Reinstalling EasyBadge 4
  5. Next, download the latest build of EasyBadge here and follow the software installation instructions in the attached pdf (page 8 to page 11). 
  6. When EasyBadge runs for the first time it’ll start the Wizard. Click the “close Wizard” button top right of the Wizard screen. Reinstalling EasyBadge 6
  7. Now move over to the left of the empty program window to make the menu flyout appear and select “Open Database” from the menu.
  8. Select the database format that matches your existing database. Access is the default type EasyBadge uses. 
  9. You can now browse your existing database files and clip open to start using EasyBadge just as before. Reinstalling EasyBadge 9
  10. If you select a SQL or Oracle Database you will see this screen where you will need to enter your ‘Server’ and ‘Database name’ to open your existing database.                                                                                                            Reinstalling EasyBadge 10

Remember if you’ve saved your EasyBadge data on your computer’s local drive and your computer malfunctions, you might need to recreate a brand-new database using the wizard.

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