Matica MC660 Card Printer Support

This page covers the most common technical-based questions and support queries we receive about the Matica MC660 Retransfer ID Card Printer.

Matica MC660 Printer Support FAQs

How do I resolve a card jam?

Resolving a card jam in a Matica MC660 depends on its location in the printer. a jam can occur in the card case, cleaning section and reverse section. Within the printer, there are three manual reverse/feeding knobs that can be used to eject the card. These are found in the card case, the reverse section and the secondary transfer module. 

To resolve a card jam in the card case: 

  1. Open the top access cover and card case lid.
  2. Remove the cards from the card case.
  3. If the furthest-right card is partially fed into the machine, carefully and slowly pull it out by hand. 
  4. Close the card case lid and the top access cover. 

To resolve a card jam in the cleaning section: 

  1. Open the printer top lid and remove the card case. 
  2. If you can see a card stuck in the feed slot, remove the cards jammed by rotating the reverse feeding knob located to the left of the cleaning section.
  3. Replace the card case and close the printer top lid. 

To resolve a card jam in the reverse section of the printer: 

  1. Open the printer top lid and remove the card case. 
  2. Locate the reverse knob of the reverse section. This can be rotated left or right to eject cards. 
  3. If it is rotated to the right, the card will eject from the right ejection slot. If it is rotated to the left, the card will eject from the left ejection slot. 

How do I stop my cards curling?

Depending on the cards you’re using, the temperature and transfer conditions might result in card purling. To stop this, carry out the following:

  1. On the printer screen, switch from ‘Normal Mode’ to ‘User Mode’. The LED screen will display ‘Printer Info’ when it is in ‘User Mode’.
  2. Press the ‘down’ arrow key until ‘Card Setup’ is displayed, then press the ‘Set’ key. 
  3. Press the ‘down’ arrow key until ‘Decurl(Front)’ is displayed, then press the ‘Set’ key. 
  4. Now use the ‘down/up’ arrow keys to set the value. The figure relates to the duration for which decurl after transfer of the front surface is carried out. You can choose a value between 0 seconds and 15 seconds. If the value of the setting is 0, there won’t be any “decurl”after transfer to the front surface. 
  5. Set the value accordingly and carry out a test print. 
  6. It will be necessary to repeat this procedure, selecting ‘Decurl(Back)’ too. 

How do I resolve a breaking ribbon?

Ribbon breakages are not uncommon when using an ID card printer, but if the problem reoccurs it could be a sign of a deeper technical issue. To resolve a ribbon break: 

  1. Repair the ribbon by removing the ink ribbon cartridge and taping the broken ribbon ends back together.
  2. Advance the ribbon on its spools until you can no longer see the break. 
  3. Ensure you’re running the latest Matica driver and firmware versions. These can be found at:
  4. Ensure your printer is thoroughly clean. Dirt, dust and debris is the most common cause of ribbon breakages, as well as other problems with ID card printers. You can find more info on cleaning different components of the Matica MC660 further down this page. 
  5. Ensure the ribbon is correctly aligned in its cartridge and that the cartridge is clipped into position. 
  6. If the problem persists after cleaning and alignment, check your cards. Cards themselves can attract dirt due to the static electricity they produce, which could possibly disturb the printing process.

How do I replace a printer ribbon?

It will be necessary to change the ink ribbon if ‘Ribbon Empty’ appears on the printer’s display. To replace a ribbon on the MC660: 

  1. Open the front cover. 
  2. Pull out the handle of the ink ribbon cassette with the handle turned upwards. 
  3. Remove the ink ribbon from the cassette by winding the side (black) holder, then removing the spool spindle from the feed side (magenta) holder. 
  4. When removing the spool spindle, pressing it downwards and tilting it to the side makes it easier to remove. 
  5. Take up the ink ribbon slack to ensure that the ribbon will not jam when it is reinstalled.
  6. Insert the ink ribbon cassette back into the printer, ensuring you hear it ‘click’ into place. 

How do I replace the transfer film?

To replace the transfer film in a Matica XID8300: 

  1. Open the front cover. 
  2. Pull out the handle of the transfer film cassette with the handle turned upwards. 
  3. Push down the pin on the top of the transfer film cassette.
  4. Remove the transfer film from the cassette. Pressing the spool spindles downwards and tilting it to the side will make it easier to remove.
  5. Load the new transfer film into the cassette
  6. Attach the pin on the top of the film cassette ensuring it is secure in the grooves. 
  7. Take up the transfer film slack to ensure it does not jam.
  8. Insert the transfer film cassette back into the printer, ensuring you hear it ‘click’ into place. 
  9. Close the front cover. 

How do I clean the fan filter?

If the filter becomes clogged, it could allow dust and dirt to enter the printer. You should check your filter on a monthly basis. To clean it out: 

  1. Turn off your printer.
  2. Remove the filter cover on the rear of the printer. Hold the handle with your fingers and pull.
  3. Use a vacuum clean or similar to remove dirt that is difficult to get off the filter. 
  4. Place the filter back into the filter cover and reinstall it onto the printer. 

How do I clean the cleaning rollers?

The cleaning rollers are designed to pick up any dirt or dust that gets attached to a card prior to printing. If your print quality is reduced, this could be the cause. To clean the cleaning roller: 

  1. Open the front cover.
  2. Remove the cleaning tape cassette (upper right) using a handle to the right of the unit to pull it out. 
  3. Wash the cleaning roller with water. 
  4. Allow the cleaning roller to air dry. 
  5. Reinstall the cleaning unit and close the front cover.  

How do I clean the MC660 with a cleaning card?

The colour of printed cards may become faded or appear dirty if the card feed roller or heating roller is dirty. Matica recommends cleaning these after printing around 1,000 cards. To clean the card feed roller and heating roller: 

  1. Switch the printer from ‘Normal’ mode to ‘User’ Mode. ‘Printer Info’ will display on the screen once you’ve entered ‘User’ mode. 
  2. Press the ‘down’ arrow key until ‘Cleaning’ appears, then press the ‘Set’ key. 
  3. When ‘Cool Down’ is displayed, wait until the figure drops to 70 or lower. (This figure indicates the temperature of the heat rollers).
  4. When ‘Remove Film’ displays, open the front cover and remove the transfer film from the transfer film cassette. 
  5. When ‘Remove Cards’ is displayed, open the top cover. 
  6. Open the card case and remove the cards from the cassette. 
  7. When ‘Set Cleaning Crd’ displays, load the cleaning card into the card feeding slot. 
  8. When ‘SET:Start’ displays, press the ‘SET’ key. 
  9. The cleaning process will now start. Once cleaning is complete ‘Finish’ will be displayed on the screen. 

Why are cards not feeding into the printer?

If your card is not feeding properly into the printer, there are a few things you should check: 

  1. Ensure the card load roller isn’t dirty.
  2. Ensure the car thickness is correctly adjusted
  3. Ensure the cards are not statically charged and stuck to one another. 

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