Magicard Pronto Card Printer Support

This page details the most common technical and support based questions we receive about the Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer.

The information is provided by our in-house support team who are Magicard certified and have undertaken extensive training on all Magicard printers.

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Magicard Pronto Printer Support FAQs

How do I stop my printer ribbon breaking?

To stop your Pronto printer ribbon breaking, there are several things you can do. First, ensure you are running the latest Magicard printer drivers and firmware. You should also thoroughly clean your ID card printer to eliminate dust particles that can affect the ribbon. If your printer ribbon continues to break, try adjusting the print head power. You should also ensure that your you’re using the correct ribbon and that your cards are the correct size and have not picked up dust and dirt particles. 

How do I adjust the print head power?

To adjust the printhead power on a Pronto:

  1. Go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ folder in your PC and right-click on ‘Magicard Pronto’
  2. Click ‘Printing Preferences’ from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Image’ tab, then onto the ‘Options’ button.
  4. From this window you can now reduce and increase values for colours as needed. We recommend increasing and decreasing units in increments of ten.
  5. Click ‘OK’ to save the settings and then print a test card. Adjust again as required. 

How do I resolve a card jam?

If you’re seeing an error code between 06:00 and 06:27 when using your Pronto, you’re suffering from a card jam. To resolve a card jam in your Pronto:

  1. Open the printer lid and remove the card if possible. If you can’t see the card, close the lid and see if the card will eject.
  2. Once you’ve removed it, ensure that you clean your Pronto to avoid the problem recurring. Pay particular attention to the printer rollers. 


How do I install Magicard Support Utility?

To install the Magicard Utility program, you need to download the files from the Magicard website. It can help you diagnose more serious technical issues, and is only compatible with the Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro (1st gen) printers. 

  1. Save the file to your computer
  2. Open the file and double-click on the icon to begin the installation.
  3. Select ‘Run’ and use the defaults to install the program. 

How do I clean my Pronto?

To clean the Pronto, ensure you’re using a certified Magicard cleaning kit. 

  1. Clean the printer rollers with the cleaning cards. This removes dirt from the print path. We recommend you do this every 250-300 prints. It’s important to clean your printer more often if you use it infrequently: dust is more likely to accumulate. 
  2. Clean the print head with the print head pen. This will help you avoid damaging the delicate parts of the print head and ensure that your cards don’t suffer from white lines. 

How do I stop barcodes printing black?

If your barcodes are printing out in black, it’s because your ID card software is sending barcodes as a bitmap image rather than the true type font. To resolve the issue:

  1. Go to ‘Devices and Printers’ in your computer
  2. Right-click on Magicard and select ‘Printing Preferences’ 
  3. Go to the ‘Image’ or ‘Advanced’ tab and change the colour to Gamma 1.
  4. Go to the ‘Front’ tab, click the black options button and untick ‘Pictures use YMC Only’.

Can I encode cards with a Magicard Pronto?

You can encode ID cards with a Magicard Pronto provided it has been specified with an encoding module, such as a magnetic-stripe encoder. You can print encoded information onto cards using a barcode, which does not require an encoding module. 

How do I enable HoloKote?

To enable Holokote:

  1. Find ‘Magicard Pronto’ within your computer’s ‘Devices and Printers’ folder.
  2. Right-click on the icon and select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Card Font’ menu on the left-hand side and tick the HoloKote box.
  4. Click ‘Apply’ to save the settings. 

How do I disable HoloKote?

To disable HoloKote:

  1. Find ‘Magicard Pronto’ within your computer’s ‘Devices and Printers’ folder.
  2. Right-click on the icon and select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Card Front’ menu on the left-hand side and untick the HoloKote box.
  4. Click ‘Apply’ to save the settings.

How do I move HoloKote designs?

You can move the HoloKote design on your ID cards by carrying out the following: 

  1. Find ‘Magicard Pronto’ within your computer’s ‘Devices and Printers’ folder.
  2. Right-click on the icon and select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the menu. 
  3. Click on the ‘Card Front’ menu and then select ‘Security Options’.
  4. You can choose the degree of rotation for your HoloKote film as well as the area of the card it is placed on. 

How do I calibrate the ribbon sensors?

To calibrate the ribbon sensors, you’ll need to Magicard Support Utility program. You can find out how to install this in the answer provided above. 

  1. Open the Magicard Support Utility program from your desktop and select ‘USB’ from the ‘Port’ drop down. It’ll also ask you to select the printer. 
  2. Type DEALERSERVICEON in the Quick Commands field within the Quick Command Box.
  3. Now select the ‘Statistics and Commands’ tab and enter FCL into the Quick Commands field. Click ‘Send’.
  4. The printer screen will now show the progress of the calibration before restarting.
  5. Now type DEALERSERVICEOFF in the Quick Commands field to turn off service mode. 

Once this process is complete, the calibration will be complete. 

How do I update driver and firmware updates?

To update the driver:

  1. Double-click on the driver once you’ve downloaded the file from the Magicard site.
  2. Click ‘Run’ and then ‘Next’ to initiate the update.
  3. To finish the installation, click ‘Restart Windows’. It’s important to restart your PC after you’ve installed driver updates. 
  4. When it has restarted, connect your ID card printer. Your driver should now be up to date. 

To update the firmware: 

  1. Double-click on the firmware folder you’ve downloaded from the Magicard website. 
  2. Click ‘Run’ and ‘Update’.
  3. Once the printer initialises, click ‘OK’. Your Firmware should now be up to date. 

How do I stop light and faded card prints?

If your cards are faded or too light, you can correct it using the Colour Correction feature within Printing Preferences.

  1. From the ‘Printing Preferences’ window, choose the ‘Image’ tab.
  2. In this window, select ‘Gamma 1’ from the colour correction drop down box and click ‘Apply’. 
  3. If, after printing a test card, you’re still having problems with faded cards, try adjusting the Yellow, Magenta and Cyan to 70 from within the Printhead Power options. You can access this menu from the button beneath the Colour Correction dropdown. 

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