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Evolis Tattoo RW Printer Support FAQs

Does the Evolis Tattoo RW require a printer ribbon?

No, the Evolis Tattoo RW does not require a printer ribbon. This is because rewritable cards that are used with the Tattoo RW contain a thermosensitive material which becomes visible when heated to a high temperature and disappears when a lower temperature is applied. This is what makes the card rewritable and able to be written on up to 500 times. 

Which rewritable cards should I use with the Tattoo RW?

The Tattoo RW printer accepts rewritable PVC cards between 0.50mm (20mil) and 0.76 (30mil) thick. For optimum quality, the cards used must meet the ISO 7810 certification and be of CR80 size. We advise only using this type of card, as recommended by Evolis. 

How do I adjust the card thickness setting?

The Tattoo RW features an automatic adjustment system for card thicknesses from 0.50mm to 0.76mm.

How do I load and remove cards?

Insert a card manually into the card feeder, and once printed it will automatically eject. The Tattoo RW features an output hopper that can collect up to 15 cards. You must slide the hopper into position from the bottom of the printer. 

How do I clear a card jam?

To clear a card jam on the Tattoo RW: 

  1. Open the printer cover
  2. Press the control button. This will turn the card rollers. If you find the card will now eject when the rollers are operated, slide it manually towards the printer output. If there’s more than one card, always remove the top one first. 
  3. Once the card has been retrieved, close the printer cover and press the control button on the control panel for one second. 

How do I prevent card jams?

To prevent further card jams: 

  1. Check the thickness of the cards matches the specifications we outlined above. 
  2. Check the cards are flat by keeping them in a horizontal position. 
  3. Ensure the cards aren’t stuck together. This can be caused by static electricity. 

How often should I clean my Evolis Tattoo RW?

Cleaning should be carried out after printing 400 cards. It’s extremely important to abide by this schedule and your Evolis printer will let you know when via its cleaning warning light. This is because if you exceed 500 cards between routine cleaning, you will invalidate your warranty. 

How do I carry out a routine clean?

To carry out a routine clean on the Tattoo RW: 

  1. Remove the card feeder from the printer and take out any cards that are left.
  2. Insert the cleaning card into the feeder and place the feeder back into the printer. 
  3. Now press on the upper section of the feeder until it clicks. 
  4. Open and then close the printer cover
  5. Hold down the control button on the control panel for one second and the cleaning cycle will start. 
  6. The used cleaning card is ejected into the output hopper. 

How do I service the cleaning roller?

The cleaning roller needs to be kept clean, preferably with special wipes available from Evolis. To clean it: 

  1. Open the printer cover
  2. Remove the cleaning roller
  3. Rub the wipe gently over the surface of the roller
  4. When it has dried, put it back in the printer.
  5. Close the cover and remove the card feeder from the printer. 
  6. Clean the roller with another wipe. 
  7. Press the card feeder back into the printer until it clicks. 

How do I replace the cleaning roller?

It’s possible over time that cleaning rollers will work less effectively, even if they are cleaned regularly. To replace them: 

  1. Open the printer cover. 
  2. Locate the cleaning roller and release it from its housing. 
  3. Fit the new roller in the printer, ensuring that it is correctly positioned in its housing. 
  4. Close the printer cover. 
  5. Remove the card feeder and remove any cards.
  6. Locate the worn roller, remove it and fit the new cone. 
  7. Replace the cards and the card input feeder on to the printer clicking it back into position. 

How do I print a test card?

To print a test card with the Tattoo RW:

  1. Place a card into the feeder and press the control button for three seconds. All the warning lights will go out.
  2. Press and hold down the control button again.
  3. The control button light comes on.
  4. Release the control button once the light flashes. 
  5. The test card is printed and will be ejected out of the output hopper.

How do I know which driver version is installed?

A test card will have the driver version printed on it when you carry out this function. You can also find out which driver is installed by doing the following on your PC:

  1. Go to ‘Printers and Devices’, select the Tattoo and right-click.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Properties’.
  3. Click on the ‘Graphics’ tab and then click ‘About’. The driver version will be listed. 

How do I update the firmware?

To update the firmware on the Tattoo RW: 

  1. Extract the compressed file you have downloaded from the Evolis webpage.
  2. When prompted by the program, click on the Download button to run the job. The firmware download is in progress.
  3. After approx. 30 seconds, the firmware will be transferred to the printer and the operation will be complete. The printer should return to a ‘READY’ status.  

How do I update the driver?

Updating the driver can help fix a multitude of errors and upgrade your printer. To do this:

  1. Select your printer model, then click on the ‘Print drivers and Firmware’ link on Evolis.com.
  2. Click on the file relevant to your printer and follow the download instructions. 
  3. Save the compressed file to your computer. You’ll need to extract it before downloading.
  4. Double-click on the setup.exe file you’ve just downloaded in order to run the installation program. 

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