How do I identify access control cards?

To identify the make and type of access control card being issued, it helps to have the following information on-hand:

1. The physical card markings

Firstly, start by looking at the physical markings or logos on the card such as:

  • The manufacturer
  • The card format
  • The site code
  • The facility code
  • The card range number

In most cases, there will be obvious physical markings present on the cards to help you identify your card. If your cards have been used for photographic identification, it may be difficult to identify the cards by simply looking for the physical marking present. If this is the case, continue the guide for more tips.

2. The packaging


If the card itself does not have any visible markings on the front, the label on the box which your cards came in may contain a brand logo or even a manufacturers number. From this, your card can be identified. It is likely that if this type of information can’t be found on the access control cards, it will be provided on the label of the box, so be sure not to throw the box away.

3. Supporting equipment


If neither of the above steps helped you in identifying your ID card, take a look at what equipment you have previously used, such as the brand of card reader or fobs. Using this method eliminates any cards which are not compatible with the readers and brings you one step closer to identifying your cards.

4. Previous invoices or emails

A quick way in seeking the type of card you have is by referring to previous invoices or emails from earlier orders. On these records, it should contain either the manufacturer number or card format of the cards you’ve ordered.

Still unsure?

If you haven’t been able to identify your access control card using the above guidance, don’t worry: we can run a free card test for you and help you identify the card type being used. 

The next step is to get in touch with our technical support team via the button below. 

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