How to clean the IDP Smart 51 ID card printer

The IDP Smart 51 is a robust card printer, but keeping it clean is essential if you want it to work properly and ensure your cards are printed to a high quality. 

To carry out a clean on your IDP Smart 51, you will need an official IDP Smart cleaning kit. Once you’ve got one to hand, click play on the video below for the full walk through.

How to clean the IDP Smart 51 Card Printer

Step 1 - Go to 'Devices and Printers'

Ensure your printer is turned out, and in the computer it is connected to, go to your ‘Devices and Printers’ folder. Right-click the ‘IDP Smart 51’ and select ‘Printer Properties’.

Step 2 - Go to the 'Service Tab'

Go to the ‘Service Tab’ at the top of the window that opens and click ‘Clean Printer’. 

Step 3 - Make sure your cleaning card is ready for use

Make sure your cleaning card is ready for use, removing any protective materials from the adhesive. 

Step 4 - Open the hopper and top cover and remove cards and the ribbon cartridge

Open the hopper door and the printer top cover and remove any cards left in the hopper and the ribbon cartridge. When this is done, click ‘Next’ in the on-screen walkthrough. 

Step 5 - Insert the cleaning card

Insert the cleaning card, thin end first and click ‘Next’. Close the top cover, but keep the hopper door open and click ‘Next’ again. 

Step 6 - Wait until the cleaning cycle has finished

The cleaning cycle will now begin. ‘Cleaning Mode. Cleaning’ will be displayed on the printer’s LCD display. Once this has ended, click ‘Next’ on the on-screen walk through and remove the cleaning card. Now click ‘Finished’.

Step 7 - Replace the cards and ribbon cartridge

Open the printer top cover and reinsert the printer cartridge until it clicks into place. Close the top cover. Now open up the hopper and replace the cards. 

Still need help?

If you’re struggling to carry out a clean, or cleaning your Smart 51 has failed to resolve an issue, you can find more troubleshooting help on our IDP Smart 51 technical support page.

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