How to clean the Fargo HDP5000 ID card printer

The Fargo HDP5000 retransfer card printer requires regular cleaning to keep it in top working order.

In the video below, we’ll guide you through the process of carrying out a routine clean and a more in-depth clean, ensuring your HDP5000 continues to work well and your cards are printed to the highest quality. 

Before you start, you’ll need the Fargo 892000 cleaning kit. Just click play on the video below to get started.

How to clean the Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer

Step 1 - Remove the input and output card hoppers

Remove the input and output hoppers. These are located on the top and side of the printer, and simply lift out of position. 

Step 2 - Remove the ribbon and film cartridges

Open the panel at the front of the printer and the cartridges will be visible. Press down on the blue handles to release the cartridges from their position. 

Step 3 - Get your cleaning cards ready

Remove the protective plastic from the adhesive cards. If your printer has a magnetic stripe encoder installed, do not remove the smaller strip from the adhesive card. 

Step 4 - Insert the adhesive card into the card input slot.

Insert the adhesive card into the slot behind the input hopper. 

Step 5 - Go to 'Devices and Printers'

On the machine your HDP5000 is connected to, go to ‘Devices and Printers’ and right-click on ‘Fargo HDP5000’. Select ‘Printing Prefences’ and click on the ‘Toolbox’ button. 

Step 6 - Select 'Clean Printer'

Within the Toolbox section, select the ‘Clean Printer’ tab at the top of the page and click the ‘Clean’ button. 

Step 7 - The cleaning cycle will begin

The cleaning cycle will begin and the cleaning card will be drawn into the printer. Once complete, the card will be ejected. The basic clean has now been completed.

Bonus: Carrying out an in-depth clean?

Fargo suggests that you carry out a more in-depth clean every 3,000 prints using the longer cleaning card, the swabs and cleaning wipes. You can find out how to carry out this process by watching the video above. 

Need more help?

If you run into any problems while carrying out a clean, our HDP5000 technical support page has helpful troubleshooting tips and advice. Our support team are also on-hand and ready to help should you not be able to solve your issue. 

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