How to clean the Datacard SD360 card printer

The Datacard SD360 card printer needs to be cleaned regularly with a cleaning card to ensure print quality remains consistently high. Below, we talk you through the process of carrying out a standard clean using the 552141-002 Datacard cleaning cards.

The process also applies to other Datacard printers including the SD260 and SD460

Step 1 – Prepare the printer for cleaning

Power on the printer and remove the print ribbon cartridge as shown below, then close the cover again.

Step 1 - Remove the ribbon cartridge

Step 2 – Remove any cards

Open the input hopper and remove any plastic cards that may still be in the printer.

Step 2 - Remove any cards from the input hopper

Step 3 – Load the cleaning card

Open the cleaning card package and remove the cleaning card. Now load it into the hopper.

Remember, it’s important to carry out the clean quickly at this point, because the cleaning card dries out quickly once it is out of its packaging.

Step 3 - Load the cleaning card in the input hopper

Step 4 – Use the LCD menu system to start the clean

Datacard printers have an LCD menu system. Begin when the printer displays ‘Ready’ and the ‘User’ button is showing a steady green (A).

Press the ‘User’ button and ‘Suspended’ will display on the screen (B).

Step 4 - LCD menu selection
Step 5 - LCD menu selection

Step 5 – Enter the Maintenance menu

Press ‘Enter’ to enter the menu system and enter the Maintenance menu by pressing ‘Enter’ when Maintenance displays on the screen.

Step 6 – Enter the Cleaning Card menu and start the clean

‘Cleaning Card’ will now appear on the display (A). When ‘Start’ appears press ‘Enter’ again (B).

If you’ve not already inserted the cleaning card into the input hopper, you’ll be prompted to do it now (C).

Step 7 - LCD menu selection

Step 7 – Prepare the printer for use

The printer will eject the cleaning card after the cleaning cycle has finished.

Now you need to place your plastic cards back in the input hopper, reinstall the ribbon cartridge and close the printer cover making sure it latches properly. Your SD360 has now sucessfully cleaning.

Step 10 - LCD menu selection

Need more help?

If you need more assistance carrying out a print head clean or cleaning your printer hasn’t resolved the problem, you should refer to our Datacard technical support section for troubleshooting tips and printer manuals.

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