In 2018, The Highland council came to Digital ID with a challenge.

For most local government organisations, issuing staff ID cards in a timely fashion isn’t a big problem.

When the majority of your workforce is based in a single location or city, it’s pretty easy to print and issue identification by buying an ID card printer, and that’s exactly what our dedicated public sector team would advise.

But that wouldn’t have been a viable solution for the Highland Council.

The area’s vast size and various staff bases meant issuing ID cards and setting up a centralised system would be problematic.

On the other hand, purchasing multiple ID card printers to use across different locations would have been a costly solution.

That’s without even thinking about staff training and the issues that could arise from implementing a card database.

Our solution…

Our 100+ staff work across a range of business areas including ID card printing, card design and ID card software development.

As a brand, this allows us to offer comprehensive credential and ID card solutions, rather than simply acting as a supplier.

To meet the Highland Council’s requirements, our teams collaborated to create a forward-thinking and bespoke solution.


Thanks to the use of our EasyBadge application, council staff can be remotely added to a database that is then sent straight to Digital ID’s in-house card printing bureau.

This means cards can easily be produced on an ad-hoc basis and dispatched from a centralised location – all for a much lower cost than if the council were to produce and issue cards themselves.

The clue is in the name: few programs are simpler to use than EasyBadge.

In fact, it’s perfect for situations when remote workers need to quickly add personal details to a database.

You can even download a free app that allows you to do this without having to deal with webcams and ethernet connections.

You could say it’s the perfect solution when your workforce is as dispersed as the Highland Council.

Printed ID cards

Once the information had been gathered, our in-house card design and bureau teams sprung into action.

First, a card design was agreed and included a logo, photographic identification, expiry date and personal details.

Once the data was received by our bureau, the printing process could commence.

To date, Digital ID has printed and issued more than 18,000 printed ID cards for the Highland Council and continues to do so as and when new cards are required.

Personalised Lanyards

Digital ID doesn’t just deal with the cards.

Our comprehensive range of services aim to meet our clients’ needs, and for the Highland Council that meant the design and creation of personalised lanyards.

Featuring a unique design, these lanyards help you quickly identify staff on- and off-site, even if an ID card is not immediately visible.

To date, Highland Council has purchased more than 18,000 personalised lanyards from Digital ID.

The results…

We caught up with Operations Manager Iain Swayne on his experience working with our team and here is what he had to say: 

“The offering is not just a handful of products, but a whole system of advice, logistics and solutions.

The relationship feels much more like a partnership than a provider. 

“Our main contact, Darren Hines has a friendly can-do attitude, rakes of experience and he helped us create new photo ID cards and an entire system from the ground up in a very short timescale.

“I would highly recommend any organisation to Digital ID, the experience from all departments and staff was extremely helpful.”

We like to think we solve problems, and that’s exactly what our Public Sector specialist Darren Hines set about doing for the Highland Council.

If you’d like to find out how our team can help you, click on the button below to get in touch with our sales team. 

“The experience from all departments and staff was extremely helpful.”

– Iain Swayne, Highland Council

Whether you’re a local authority, major brand or a small business, Digital ID’s team of experts can help you deliver an ID issuance system that’s right for you and your organisation.

Highland Council logo


Highland Council

The Highland Council is unique. Its 10,000+ employees provide essential services to more than 230,000 residents spread across an area of almost 10,000 square miles.

Sector type: Local Council

Staff: 10,000+

Location: Inverness, Scotland

Their challenges:

  • Distributing ID cards to staff across a vast area
  • Creating a centralised ID issuance system to safeguard the security and save money

Our solutions and services:

  • A bespoke software and ID card printing package to centralise card issuance and solve logistical issues.
  • 18,000+ printed ID cards delivered to date
  • 18,000+ custom lanyards delivered to date
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